Gone Fishin’…

Hello, happy day to you, I hope you are doing well when this message finds you.

This post from me reads like the sign on the door of the small town local vendor who has closed up shop for the day. As my title reads, I have gone fishing with my family to the beautiful creeks and lakes of Bishop California.

Bishop is located near the eastern Sierra mountains, about 4.5 hours from Los Angeles and is a anglers paradise. Whether you prefer lakes over creeks or you like fly fishing you are sure to catch a wonderful trip.

I love fishing, but like life the journey is almost better than the final destination. Just getting out and breathing fresh air and tying the knot on your favorite lure, the joy of a perfect cast.

I hope to be back in a day or two with more EJlicious recipes, perhaps some for the lovely Trout that we are catching. Thank you always for reading and if you like fishing you’ll love Bishop.


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  1. Anonymous says:

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